Css framework based
on widget-modifier coding style

v 0.0.2

I'm working on

maxmertkit widget manager

It will be a widget manager for css-framework that allows you to install or uninstall css-widgets (almost like npm for nodejs).
Also I will create widget site, where you will be able to find themes and widgets for maxmertkit css-framework and build your own framework very easy.
find out more

First drag widget to the field below.

Then drag modifiers on widgets to change their statuses.

After that drag size modifiers on widgets to shange their sizes.

Last step is to apply other modifiers to widgets
Drop a widget here
Code will appear in here


Differences from other frameworks

  • Namespaces. By having namespaces you will never fall in to conflicts of overlapped class names.
  • Parent-sensitive classes. If you apply modifier (for example, status) to a parent-widget, it will apply to all child-widgets.
  • Easy to change theme for your project.
  • Class names are changeable.
  • Few classes to remember.
  • When you change modifier properties in theme file (for example color or size) it will change every widget in your kit.
  • Javascript plugins use CSS animation.

Made with

  • SASS (it's more powerful than LESS)
  • Awesome font and Zocial font (for icons)
  • Built with node.js
  • Managed through Bitbucket and Github